Pencil Portraits--True to Life Original Art
How Does Pencil Portraits Work?
Consider a portrait of a special person in your life from a rare photo you’ve always wanted restored or a montage of two or more irreplaceable photos. You probably have many of the same loved one, and although each one is priceless, an original work of art takes the subject to a whole new dimension. I can also bring another subject into the mix, creating a special portrait that is not possible with a camera.
Send us your favorite photograph(s)...First I need to see your good quality, well-lit photographs. Since each portrait is unique, I would prefer to work with a good likeness of the subject. All portraits are guaranteed to be a true-to-life representation of the photo you supply. Remember, the details in the finished portrait depend primarily upon the quality and focus of the photo submitted...ideally, a photograph where the face of the subject(s) is at least 2”. If I have a problem with your photograph(s), I will contact you prior to beginning your portrait. So, let me evaluate your project, at no obligation to you.
Choose the type of portrait you want...You can choose from many finished poses: Head & Shoulder, Full Bust, Full Body, Montage, and Family or Couple Groupings. Visit our Galleries for many examples of all these different poses. I would suggest that more than two subjects or a full body pose be rendered on the larger size. If you choose to combine photos, please give me an idea about positioning. If you have no preference, I can give you my best suggestion, do a quick sketch, and e-mail you prior to beginning your portrait.
Give me additional instructions about framing or matting...Let me know how you are going to matt or frame your Pencil Portrait. This will affect the size of the image.See the Pencil Portraits Order Info Form for more information on matting and framing.
Fill out the Pencil Portraits Order Info Form...Follow this link to the Pencil Portraits Order Info Form. Print out the page and fill out the form. Give us complete contact information so I can communicate with you throughout the project. Most of the information I am requesting here is covered on this form.

Be sure to include in your package:

1. Your completed Pencil Portraits Order Info Form

2. Your photograph(s)

3. Your $25.00 “good faith” deposit

4. Your comments regarding position preferences and additional details

Mail your package to:

Joe Olivares

P.O. Box 68

Arendtsville, PA 17303

Proofing...Upon completion, I will scan your portrait and create a JPEG file that I can e-mail to you for your approval or send hard copy via mail. You must be completely satisfied with your portrait.

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